E-blast Builder

Email is suprisingly hard to design and build for.
There are so many combinations of email clients and devices to consider, and many clients (like Gmail) aggressively remove CSS, JS, video, and anything fancy. The challenge was to design a system that cranks out reliable, table-based html that looks great in everybody's inbox.

To design and engineer an intuitive tool for delivering bulletproof, responsive, and stylish messages to SVA's wide audience of students, alumni, faculty, and influencers.

Using lightweight bespoke Javascript, I built a robust tool with an extensive list of features to empower our Communication Office to craft vibrant messages for the SVA community.

Users can undo and redo their actions, import content from existing sva.edu event pages, add images, links, headings, import and export HTML, and ultimately develop responsive, tasteful emails.

The messages created with this tool were read by a huge audience of students, faculty, and alumni.