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Sightseer Mobile


Developed for a Mashable and Intel hackathon. Enter a location and time limit, and you’ll be led to an amazing place nearby. The catch: you won't know where you're headed until you arrive.
Developed together with Trinity Montoya.

Comb App Slide


Social, mobile, personalized mapping for saving and sharing locations with friends.
Developed together with Chris Lee.

Q App Slide


Anonymously crowd-source anwswers to secret questions, and see simple graphical representations of the results. Developed with Joel Rosenblatt, Andrew Wallace, and Victor Rodriguez.

Yorestory Slide


See where you fit into world history. Enter your birthday, and the app automatically generates a timeline of historical events and images to represent your life in history. Uses the Wikipedia API to populate data to the timelines.


King Oscar Sardines

Fished from Norwegian fjords, hickory-smoked, and hand-packed— these scrumptious sardines are Omega-3 silver bullets. Print ads help to introduce the brand and its health benefits to a broader American market.


Amore algorithm. A dating site that stands apart for its personality test, but until now, lacked personality in its branding. Print and banner ads, logo redesign, and an app.

Crystal Head Vodka

Dan Ackroyd's super natural spirit. A Rebrand and series of ads for this beautifully packaged but underrepresented brand. Digital components include a "Toast a Ghost" app which pairs you with your ghostly drinking partner, and an "Occult Cam" for applying supernatural filters to your photos.



I'm passionate about art, design, and illustration, which is what I make with most of my time in Brooklyn, NY. I have a BFA in illustration and English from RISD, and a master's in art direction from BU. I've recently branched further into web development, and I'm excited to continue exploring. I would love to chat, so please give me a shout. Thanks for looking!