SVA Pre-2020

The School of Visual Arts is one of NYC's leading art schools. I maintained the flagship institutional site, along with multiple small-scale projects for various departments and school events.

To highlight the vast and diverse network at SVA through UX and UI that highlight student, alumni, and faculty work and news.

I was almost exclusively responsible for the Continuing Education section of, which receives more traffic than any other section, and is the largest revenue driver for the institution after undergraduate tuition.

I helped design and implement some of the newer and most successful features on, like the 'Features' blog, which allowed departments to highlight student, faculty, and alumni news.

SVA's themed Annual Party was a treat all of the faculty and staff looked forward to. To get everyone excited, our team put together an on-theme invitation website, which interfaced with our RSVP system. I helped design and implement four different annual party sites.